Graduation Sessions

Graduation Sessions

My goal when photographing seniors is to try and find that inner glow seniors possess.

It’s that internal feeling of excitement and anticipation of having their entire life ahead of them. Whether your senior plays a sport, an instrument or is the studious type, I like to showcase all facets of their personality! We’ll talk ahead of time to discuss layout, outfits and just what your special senior would like to highlight during their shoot.

What to Expect


Prior to the shoot, we will talk in detail about what clothes to wear based on skin tone and eye color. We will also discuss hair style and make-up (if desired).

Please note: The best time of day for shoots is either first thing in the morning, or 2 hours before the sun sets.


Senior photo sessions are always 1.5 hours long, giving us plenty of time to explore multiple locations within a designated area. 

Up to 3 outfits changes are encouraged: This is usually something casual, something dressy, and finally, the traditional cap and gown (if desired).

During the shoot, I will sometimes adjust hair and clothing and shoot at multiple angles to find what works best for each individual.


Post shoot, you will have a digital photo gallery to review. Next, you will choose 6 of your favorite photos to be retouched with full rights to those digital files as well as 1-4×6 of each photo. Additional prints/enlargements can be purchased through me. Total Cost: $395.00


My favorite place to photograph seniors is Jerusalem Mill in Kingsville, MD, where there are a variety of places to shoot, including a river, a historic house, tree and flowers. Click below to explore other shoot locations.

Past Graduation Session Work